Current K7BUC activities and interests.

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"Jazz on the Sidewalk Concert", Aug 2002
Janice Paul - keyboard, Maurice Crandall - drums, Connie Crandall - vocals
Del Winiecki (K7BUC) - bass

"Jazz on the Sidewalk (2)"

"Jazz on the Sidewalk (3)"

"Jazz on the Sidewalk (4)"

"Jazz on the Sidewalk (5)"

My Bass Gear

Primary bass: Steinberger XL-2 4 string (1986)
Backup bass: Travis Bean (1976) (neck thru body is one piece aluminum)
Amplifier: Euphonic Audio iAmp (500 watts)
Speakers: Two 400 watt Euphonic Audio VL-208 full range speaker cabinets
PA Board: Behringer Eurorack MX-1804X

The Big System

Practicing at home.

My home stereo system includes the following:
Heath 1/2 Octave Graphic Display
Mackie CR-1604 mixer
Sony 100 CD carousel
Sony 200 CD carousel
Harris turntable preamp
Panasonic Turntable
JVC XL-GM800 Karoke Player
Rane ME-60 31 band stereo equalizer
Yamaha digital effects processor
dbx 166A stereo compressor/limiter
BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer
Furman X-424 Tri-Amp crossover
Bass guitar channel:
Ashly SC-40 instrument preamp
Symetrix SC-150 mono compressor
Ibanez GE-3101 31 band equalizer
High Freq. Crest CA-6 (600w/channel)
Mid Freq. Crest CA-9 (900w/channel)
Low Freq. Crest CA-9 (900w/channel)
Tripplite LCR-2400 power conditioner
Speaker System
Two JBL SR-4731A (two 12" & hf horn)
Two JBL SR-4719A subwoofers (two 18")


I grew up listening to the jazz greats, Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington, George Shearing, and the Modern Jazz Quartet. The jazz bassists I really admired were Charles Mingus and Ray Brown, Paul Chambers, and later, Stanley Clarke and Jaco Pastorius.
When I was in high-school, I began playing a "standup bass" but later switched to electric bass.
When I first began to get into pop music, it was bassist Donald "Duck" Dunne (Booker T and the MG's, etc) that caught my attention. His tight, precise style was the sound I tried to emulate.
As pop music evolved, new players grounded in jazz and latin rhythms began to dominate. Carol Kaye or Joe Osborn on bass, along with the legendary Hal Blaine on drums were the formula to success for many years of popular music. I loved the tightness and precision of the Joe Osborn sound, and the creative jazz feel of the Carol Kaye bass lines.
The bass player who has influenced me most is Carol Kaye. More than a superb bassist, Carol has published many easy-to-follow bass guitar lesson books and tapes. She played on hundreds of the major pop/rock hits of the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's including many TV and movie themes.

I began my professional bass career in the 1960's, and have enjoyed all these years of music.
Over the years I've had the good fortune to play with and record many talented musicians.
Here are a few links to sites of some of these musician's websites.

My good friend, composer, guitarist, and singer Skip Eaton is now performing in Las Vegas.

Into modern Pop music? Check out The Shins own Site and The Shins at Subpop Records . These guys are good!

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